Crystal Water Supply Company to become a supplier to the British Army

Crystal Water is set to become the third water supplier to become an operational supplier to British Army water systems.

The company said on Wednesday that it will become an “independent supplier” of water for British Army units that have been deployed in Afghanistan.

The decision follows reports of a shortage of water in Afghanistan that prompted Prime Minister David Cameron to order a review of the supply chain.

“It’s an important step for us to be part of the British army’s water supply system,” said Crystal’s director of strategic planning and strategy, Nick Gower.

“We have a very long history of working with the army and we’re keen to play a role in bringing this supply chain together and helping them deal with the challenges in Afghanistan.”

In 2016, Crystal completed its first supply project in Afghanistan, providing water for the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

The company’s decision to become part of Britain’s supply chain comes after the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) ordered the establishment of a joint supply and supply chain that is capable of delivering water to British soldiers. 

In a statement on Tuesday, UNAMA said it had found the Afghan government’s failure to deliver on its promises to improve water supplies to Afghan soldiers and civilians was unacceptable.

The group called on Afghan authorities to implement a water supply plan to improve the quality of the water and ensure it is safe for soldiers and Afghan civilians.

The British government has already announced plans to build the first new water treatment plant in Afghanistan by 2020.