Barcelona water supply supply is on a short list

Barcelona, Spain – Barcelonas water supply is being assessed by the authorities in order to see if it can provide enough water to meet demand for drinking and cooking purposes, local water company Alianza has said.

The company said on Wednesday that a survey had been carried out and the report had been sent to the authorities.

“The water supply in Barcelona is on the short list for evaluation because there is no suitable water supply to meet the current demand for the city,” said Alianzas vice-president José Rueda.

He said the water supply was being evaluated because it was in short supply.

“We have to assess the availability of water for the public.

We are asking for advice from the authorities on the best water supply for the future,” he said.”

A review of the water sources, especially in the south, is ongoing,” he added.

In April, Spain’s Supreme Court ordered the authorities to find a solution to the shortage of drinking water.

The city of Almeria is the latest to face shortages.

On February 10, it was reported that water supply had been disrupted due to a power failure in Almería.

Barcelona was one of the cities where the water company decided to close down its lines in an attempt to keep water supplies flowing.