What’s in a name?

New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation is launching a survey on the state’s water supply to help determine what the state needs in order to protect its most precious resource.

The survey, which will be open to the public, will determine how much water needs to be produced for each of the state.DETC is using the results to develop a plan for how the state should supply water to New Yorkers.

The department is taking a “whole-of-state approach,” which means it will look at how New York would be able to meet demand in the future, and how the costs and benefits of producing water could be mitigated.

The agency is also looking at what the cost of water in the state might be if it were diverted to other uses.

New York has a population of more than 17 million, and the state has more than 1,000 miles of water pipes, many of them in New York City.

The state also has a large network of underground aquifers that supply water and sewer water to millions of people.

The DEC survey will determine the water needed for New Yorkers to live comfortably, how much it would cost to produce water and how much the state could save by producing water locally, DEC said in a news release.DEC is looking at the following factors:How much water would be needed to supply a family of five?

How much would it cost to create water that would last for a year?

How would the cost compare to other states in producing water?

How would the costs of producing and transporting water compare to those of other states?

What costs would water be required to provide a household with the basic necessities of life?

How many gallons would the state require to supply one person?

How much would the State of New York charge for each gallon produced?

How will costs vary by the type of water produced?

How will costs differ by the amount of water used?

What are the benefits of diversifying water supplies?

How does a diversified water supply affect a region’s economy?

Are the costs associated with diverting water a concern?

What types of water are being diverted in New Jersey?

What is the role of the U.S. Department of Energy in developing plans for diversification?

The survey will take place in mid-December.

It will provide information about the state and its water resources, including:How many gallons of water do New York residents need to have for their daily needs?

What would cost the state if it diverted its water supply from the rest of the country?

How do diversification and diversified sources of water compare?

How has the state diversified its water sources?

What has been the cost to New York?

What’s the state drinking water safety problem?

How are diversified types of sources of drinking water compared?

What will the state need to do to ensure that the diversification of water sources is safe?

The DCE is the agency that regulates the state water supply.

The state’s Division of Water Resources is responsible for managing and protecting the state aquiferoom.

The DRE is also responsible for overseeing the state agency responsible for regulating the supply of water and sewage.