When water supply is cut off: How Nashville water supplies are struggling to cope

A water shortage in Nashville is causing a major disruption to city residents.

The Tennessean reports that residents have been asked to keep their taps running for days, and have to make do with bottled water.

It’s not the first time the city has been hit with a water shortage, but this is the first one in which the water supply has been cut off.

Water is rationed in the city.

The water shortage is affecting residents’ ability to do basic things like cook and bathe, according to the Associated Press.

Residents can only use water for showering and brushing their teeth.

The AP reported that “a water supply that can accommodate two-thirds of the city’s population was cut off Monday because of the drought.”

Residents of the state’s largest city are suffering from the same water crisis that many other areas are facing.

The Associated Press reported that the Tennessee Department of Health reported that there were approximately 3,800 people in emergency shelters, and another 1,800 in other emergency shelters.

Some people were able to shower and bathed with bottled or filtered water, but others were forced to boil their tap water.

The Tennessee Department said in a statement that residents were being asked to use tap water for drinking, cooking and other basic needs.

The state has also said it will send bottled water to people in the Nashville area.