How to water your lawns using this simple DIY water supply

A new DIY water supplies solution could save you hundreds of dollars and help you get more done while keeping your lawn watered.

In this post, I’m going to share my water supply with you in this simple and easy to use DIY water bottle.

First of all, I have to say that I’m super excited to share this DIY water bottles water supply.

It is so simple, yet it works.

I love how simple it is.

First, all you need to do is add some water to your bottle.

That’s it.

It does not require any other parts to be in your home.

Second, you can add the water to any bottle you want.

And lastly, you do not need to worry about any of your household items getting contaminated.

Here is a video showing how to add water to a water bottle:Now, let’s see how this DIY bottle works.1.

First off, let me tell you about the water.

The water is actually distilled water.

So, it’s not very pure.

And, it is not super salty either.

It tastes great.

It’s just water.

And what is more, it tastes great right out of the bottle.

The bottles water tastes great because it is water that was distilled.

That is, water that has been boiled for a few hours.

That way, it has not had any salts or chemicals added to it.2.

Now, you add the ingredients to the bottle, so that it looks like this:Now let’s take a look at what the bottle looks like after you add water.

I like to take my water from my tap and take a sip.

If you are a newbie to DIY water, you may not be used to this method.

But, if you are, you will understand it very quickly.

Here are the ingredients that are in the bottle:1.

1 oz of pure distilled water2.

1/2 oz of tap water3.

A few drops of baking soda4.

1-2 drops of lime5.

Some water to mix in the tap6.

Some extra soap for brushing your teeth7.

A small amount of salt for cleaning the bottle8.

A bit of lemon juice9.

A pinch of salt10.

A couple drops of peppermint oil11.

1 ounce of cayenne pepper12.

1 teaspoon of turmeric13.

Some baking soda14.

Some more lime15.

A dash of baking powder16.

A little bit of sugar17.

1 tablespoon of salt18.

1 pound of fresh grass19.

A teaspoon of cumin20.

A squeeze of lemon21.

1 drop of turmerol22.

A splash of lemon rind23.

A dab of coconut oil24.

A drop of lemon zest25.

A handful of dried mint26.

A dropper of olive oil27.

A spritz of salt28.

A sprinkle of ground cinnamon29.

A sprinkling of dried oregano30.

A cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice31.

A spray of olive or coconut oil32.

A shot of honey33.

A dollop of cilantro34.

A drizzle of water or lemon juice35.

A spoonful of salt36.

A drip of water37.

A swig of mint38.

A half a cup of fresh lemon juice39.

A dribble of water40.

A sip of water41.

A tiny splash of sea salt42.

A single spoonful at most of water