How to save water for the water supply

/r “I’m an American, and I love the water we drink, and this country deserves a water supply that is reliable and safe, not just for our families, but for our future.”

-Sandra, Iowa resident who started a Facebook page called “The Water Project” about her quest to conserve watersource Reddit /u/pinkfishy_panda wrote that “it’s important to remember that all water is precious and we all have to take care of it,” but added, “It’s also a beautiful resource that needs to be protected.

It’s also an amazing resource that’s being used and abused.”source Reddit/r/water resource article /u “You are not the water that is used to wash our clothes.

You are the water you use to clean your home and your kitchen, your bathroom, your garden, and your home.”

-Bryce, a Californian resident who’s currently working on a book about her water situation, “Water in a Bottle”source Reddit source Reddit/u/huffingtonpost Water Source: ABC News article /titles Water supply, public water supply