‘Suspicious’ E. coli found in water supply in northern Finland

article article source Medical Today title E. coli detected in Finnish drinking water article article,  E. coli is a potentially deadly bacteria found in the blood of people who drink contaminated water and that water supply testing has not been conducted in Finland, Finland’s Health Minister says.

In a letter to Environment Minister Juha Kallas,  E.coli is said to have been detected in samples of Finnish drinking-water.

Kallas said it was a “potentially serious health risk” that the testing had not been carried out. 

Kallas said the Finnish government would take the lead in the investigation into the source of the bacteria and work with the European Food Safety Authority to find out whether the E. Coli had come from water supplies in Finland.

Kallas also said that the Finnish Food Safety Agency would “do everything possible to prevent the spread of the disease and will be working with our partners to develop a strategy to fight E.


The Finnish Environment Ministry said that, following tests on samples of drinking water in Helsinki, E.c.colium is said “is not found in Finnish water supplies”.

Kallas’s letter to Kallas came after Finnish authorities said last week that they had found E. c.columce, a similar pathogen to E.febriae, in drinking water samples taken from people in a village in the northern Finnish town of Kainalo in January.

Kainalo residents have also reported that E.cf.col was found in drinking-waters at the village of Sorensen, near Kainalle.

The Finnish government has confirmed that drinking- water samples from Sorenesen had tested positive for E.cc.col.

However, Kallas has said that she does not believe that the E.-coli has arrived from Finland.

The Finnish Environmental Agency has been monitoring the water supply for several months, including checking the water temperatures and the pH level.

E.colon infections are relatively rare in Finland and are usually diagnosed after hospitalisation.

Last month, the Finnish Environmental Association called for a national ban on E.COI in Finland until the tests can be carried out to confirm that the water was safe.