What’s in your water supply?

article The National Water Supply Agency says it’s “very likely” that a number of water suppliers are using the same water sources for drinking and cooking, but the regulator is keeping an open mind on whether the situation is sustainable.

The NWS says a number are using “a very high percentage” of recycled water for cooking.

In the past year, it has seen an increase in complaints about water quality in water treatment plants.

The regulator is not yet saying if any of the water suppliers have breached the current rules on the recycling of water.

It is encouraging consumers to consider alternatives to using water supplied by public bodies.

“If you are buying a water supply from a public body and you are not sure about the water you are drinking, you can contact the water supplier directly to get a sample or go directly to the source to find out what’s in it,” NWS spokesman Mark Cogan said.

NWS is working with suppliers to ensure they are using water that is safe and has no significant contamination.

While there are no confirmed cases of contamination linked to the water supply in Dublin, the NWS has launched an investigation into the situation.

In recent months, public bodies have been caught using recycled water to treat sewage.

Some of the complaints are from households that are unable to pay for water after being told by their water provider that they were not required to.

Water suppliers say they do not charge for water to be treated.

Last year, the government agreed to review the way it supplies water in Ireland and put in place new rules to ensure that all water supplies are safe.

On Monday, the European Commission warned Ireland that it could face a $6 billion budget shortfall by the end of 2020.