Water suppliers in WA, NT expected to run dry by the end of the year

WATER SUPPLY SUPPLIES, WA – The amount of water a water supplier supplies to an individual depends on the amount of equipment they have.

In Victoria, for example, water supply is determined by a number of factors including the type of supply, the type and volume of water to be supplied, the number of people using the supply and the location of the supply.

Water supply can also depend on other factors, including whether the water is pumped, stored, treated, or distributed.

Water suppliers are required to provide a number, known as the supply grade, for each supply.

A water supply grade is a set of requirements for water supplies.

The Water Quality Management Authority (WQMA) has set water supply grades.

The WQMA sets water supply supplies at a maximum grade of 100% (100%), while the State Government sets the maximum grade at 90% (90%).

Water supplies are measured in cubic metres per second, or cubic metres (cm3).

In WA, the maximum supply grade for water supply was set at 100% by the WQDA.

Water supplies for individual water usersThe WTA says water supplies are supplied by individual users, with the water being treated by their water treatment systems.

However, the WTA also says the water used by individual households and businesses is treated differently.

For example, in Victoria, individual households use up to 5 litres of water per person per day, while in the NT it is a minimum of 1.5 litres per person.

In Western Australia, individuals use up up to 1.8 litres of each type of water, while for individual businesses it is 1.2 litres per water use.

For individuals, the amount that can be supplied is determined when they register their water supply.

For individual households, it is when they enter the water supply register.

For businesses, it can be determined when a water system is licensed.

Water system licences are based on the water system being used.

In WA the WDA sets water system licences at a minimum grade of 90%.

In Victoria and in the Northern Territory, the minimum grade is set at 80%.

In WA water suppliers are not required to maintain any water systems.