How to use the official ‘water supply’ map

How do I use the Official Water Supply Map?

To find out more about the Official water supply map, or search for ‘Water supply map’.

What are the official water supply maps?

The Official Water Supplies map provides a map of water supply to Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Palmerston North, Taranaki, Dungannon and Waikato, including some of the smaller islands.

The map is made up of three main areas: the central water supply area, the lower main water supply areas and the Waikāi/Manawatu/New Zealand mainland.

Auckland and Wellington have separate water supply plans, while Dunedin and Palmerston South have a combined water supply plan.

In Dunedin the map shows only the main supply area.

To find the map you need to enter the following information:Water supply plan, map of central water distribution, water supply information, details of each water source, and water demand.

This information is available from water supply providers such as NZ Water, NZ Water’s partners and suppliers, and NZ Water.

The map also contains information about water supplies in different regions of the country.

For more information about the water supply system in New Zealand visit:

The water supply planning maps also provide information about which regions have different water supply requirements and whether you will need to take specific steps to meet them.

If you are looking for more information on water supply systems in New England

The Official maps are updated every two weeks.

A map showing water supply details for Auckland, Auckland City, Christ Church, Christ, Waikatipu, Palmerstown, Waipara, North Canterbury, North Taranaky, and Waihopai.

The maps also show water supply detail for areas in Auckland, Waippu, Christo, Christia, Christi, Waiawai, and Waitemata.

The New Zealand Government publishes an annual water supply report.

To view the latest edition, go NZ Water website provides information about all aspects of the supply and demand systems.

To view the most current water supply data for New Zealand, visit the Water Supply website:www2.govtz.govnz/watersupply/water.htmlFor more water supply questions visit: