Kanchipuri: India’s water supply to be delivered in bulk to rural households

India’s largest municipal corporation, Kanchi-based Municipal Corporation of Bengal (MCB), has decided to deliver water in bulk for households in rural areas.

The decision comes as a result of a major decision by the government to distribute 100 million water bottles to households.

The decision came in the wake of the drought in the state, which has seen a total of 1.3 million people die of drinking water scarcity.

“We decided to get water in a large quantity in order to give more help to our rural people and also to ease pressure on our hospitals and hospitals to get fresh water,” MCB chairman Jyoti Singh told Business Insider.

The new plan is part of the government’s plans to tackle water scarcity in the region, where millions of people depend on the municipal supply for their daily needs.

“Our plan is to distribute 10,000 bottles per day for rural areas,” said Singh.

“The government has asked us to supply 50 million bottles per month, which is a significant increase compared to the last six months,” said Jyotiram Agarwal, president of Bengal Municipal Corporation, who was quoted in the Times of India as saying the distribution will help the state “save about Rs 8,000 crore annually.”

Agarwal added that the plan will also help the government reduce the number of cases of drinking-water scarcity.

The plan to distribute bottles is the result of the ongoing drought in Bengal, which began in April and has been raging for months.

Many residents have not had access to safe drinking water in the months since the drought began.

In June, authorities in Bengal reported that the state’s water supplies were dwindling due to the drought.

In a bid to help residents cope with the drought, government officials announced that residents would receive a 100-liter bottle of water every month for the next 12 months.

The water bottles are supposed to be distributed in bulk in the coming days, and then distributed by hand.

According to the government, the water bottles will be distributed by truck from a storage facility at Kanchibadu in the town of Kancham.

The Kanchimuram Water Supply Corporation, which operates the municipal water distribution network in Bengal state, said it was pleased with the government decision to distribute water in massive quantities.

The corporation said it would start distributing water in September, with a target of delivering 100 million bottles of water per day by the end of September. 

“This is a huge relief to people, and the relief is being given to the most vulnerable sections of society,” said Agarwa.