England boss believes Aberdeen water supply can be saved by ‘improved management’

David Moyes says the Scottish Premiership is one of the best football environments in the world, but admits the country needs more investment in infrastructure to ensure its water supply is secure.

Moyes was speaking to reporters at a press conference ahead of the Scottish Premier League match between Aberdeen and Celtic.

The Scot, who was in charge of Celtic for more than 10 years, believes Aberdeen can be a key factor in a country where “water is more important than ever”.

The Scot told reporters the Scottish National Party’s “political agenda” will see an overhaul of water and sewer infrastructure.

“You need to do that, you can’t keep on doing what you are doing,” he said.

“It’s not going to work, I mean it’s not sustainable.

We need to change the way we manage the water in Scotland.”

We need a better management of the water supply.

We have got to improve the infrastructure, so that the water is better managed and that the quality is better.

“If you look at the way that we have been managing the water over the years, we’ve been pretty good.”

The Premier League, which will have two teams for the next four seasons, is due to begin play on Saturday, with a first game scheduled for April 5.

The Scotland boss was asked if he believed a “more effective” management of Scotland’s water resources could be achieved by investing in new infrastructure.

Moys said: “I think that is a very good question.

I think it’s a very important question to ask.”

I think we need to look at a lot of things.

I do think we have got some infrastructure issues, that we haven’t had a lot to do with.

“But if we look at it as an investment in water management, it is absolutely necessary.”

There are a lot more things that need to be done in terms of infrastructure.

You cannot just sit back and say that it’s going to be the way it is, you’ve got to invest in things.

“People have got different expectations about water in different areas.

I would certainly encourage people to be more critical of water in certain areas, and look at things in a different way.”

Moys said that the SNP “are looking to put pressure on us to change our way of thinking” and he said he had “no intention” of giving up on his plans to “fix things”.

“If we’re going to change that, we need a lot better than the way things are,” he added.

“Our approach is to look to improve what we have and how we manage it.”

He also said that there is “nothing wrong” with water being taken out of the ground and into aquifers to create drinking water.

“Absolutely not,” Moyes said.

There are plenty that are in the ground.””

I don’t think it is a problem.

There are plenty that are in the ground.”

Moys was speaking in his first interview since the Scottish Government’s controversial Water Bill was passed last year.

The legislation, which was aimed at reducing Scotland’s reliance on the European Union, requires every new public building, swimming pool, golf course and tennis venue in the country to have a drinking water system and a wastewater treatment plant.

It was expected to save up to £1bn a year in infrastructure spending by 2020.