Iran says it has blocked the U.S. from exporting water to Israel as U.N. sanctions hit Tehran

Iran has blocked U. S. officials from exporting drinking water to the Israeli city of Tel Aviv and other U. N. member states, a senior official said Tuesday.

The senior Iranian official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Iran has banned exports of water to Tel Aviv from June 1 to August 31, the latest deadline set by the U.

“We are not able to import water from the U .

N. member state of Tel-Aviv, the official told reporters at a regular briefing in Tehran.

The official also said Iran does not allow U.s. officials to enter the city for visits and does not grant visas to U. s. officials, a statement carried by the state-run Fars news agency said.

The move by Iran marks a fresh escalation of a row between the two sides over Tehran’s nuclear program, after U.n. sanctions were imposed last month over the nuclear program and the ballistic missile test last week.

Iran has repeatedly denied the U s accusations that it is building atomic weapons.

U. n. sanctions have also targeted Tehran’s oil industry and banking sector.

The official said Iran was “not able to export water” to Tel- Aviv, which accounts for about one-quarter of Israel s water supply.

Iran has been unable to import the water from outside the country because the city’s water infrastructure is in dire need of repairs.