Gov. Dan Malloy: We have a problem with water, but we also have a major water crisis

The state’s water supply is at a crisis point, and its crisis is not just affecting its most vulnerable residents, Malloy said Thursday.

The governor, who has been pushing for a new approach to water, has blamed “a large portion of our population” for a chronic shortage of clean drinking water and other supplies.

Malloy called the situation a crisis that’s only going to get worse.

“Our water is at crisis point and we’ve got a long way to go to get it back to normal,” Malloy told a group of media outside the governor’s office.

“The governor has been calling for water supplies to be restored to normal for the past year.

He’s been calling the situation the most serious since I’ve been governor.””

This is a major crisis, but it’s not a crisis we’ve had for a very long time,” Mallory said.

“It’s a crisis of supply.

It’s a situation where we have to figure out how to supply the people in our state.”

Malloy’s announcement came a day after the state’s largest water distributor, the City of New London, announced it would be closing some of its facilities in Hartford and New London to deal with the shortage of water.

The closures will take place over the next month.

The state is facing a shortage of about 1.4 million acre-feet of water, which is equivalent to the amount that a household needs to drink every day, according to the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection.

That’s equivalent to a person drinking an average of about six glasses of water every day.

The water crisis in Connecticut has become a national topic in recent months, with the U.S. Conference of Mayors declaring the state “at critical water crisis.”


Dan Mullen, who led the state into the crisis last year, said the situation is being brought under control and has taken a major toll on state finances.

Mallory has said the state should be investing more in its water system.

The governor said the water crisis is being dealt with “very well” and the governor will have more to say on the matter in the coming days.

“We’re going to be talking a lot more about it,” Mallorly said.

Mallory said the governor is going to meet with state leaders and representatives from several water agencies and water utilities to discuss solutions and the state is doing its best to address the water issues, but said it’s a “long way to come.”

Mullen said his administration is working with several water providers to try to restore the water to its former level, and he said he has spoken to several companies that have expressed interest in meeting with him and getting more water to Connecticut.

“I’m pleased to see that so many companies are looking at ways to restore water to normal in Connecticut,” Mullen said.