Patterson Water Supply store in Patterson, OH, has closed due to the flu

Patterson, Ohio (AP) The Patterson Riverkeeper, a nonprofit environmental group, says it is closing its Patterson, Ohio, water supply and that the water supply company has not given any notice about the closing.

The organization says it has been in contact with Patterson Water Supply since the end of February and has been told the company is working to ensure its operations are in good standing.

The group says it received a call at about 5 p.m. on Friday from a concerned resident who said her son and his family were sick with the flu and they did not have access to water.

The caller said that he and his wife had been on a trip to Patagonia and that he did not want his son or daughter to go.

The group is calling for the closure of the water source because of its proximity to Patterson, which is about 150 miles north of Cleveland.

The Patterson water source, which has an annual capacity of about 1.8 million gallons, is a two-year-old project that was begun by a company that has been contracted by the state to manage the river.

The water supply is owned by a subsidiary of Patagonian Corp., which is a subsidiary company of Paterson Water Supply, which also owns and operates the Patagonica water supply, the company said in a statement Friday.

The company said it would provide the following information to residents of Patterson:Water is supplied through the Patterson river to Patterson and to the surrounding area.

Paterson Riverkeeper has received notification that it will be closed by Patterson Water Suppliers as of the close of business on March 16.

Patterson Water Supplier has not yet provided information about when or how long it will remain closed.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources said it is working with the company to ensure that residents are provided with the necessary information about the closure.