Water supply hose from the new water main system is leaking

Water supply hoses are leaking from new water supply lines in the City of Richmond, forcing some residents to buy new hose and replacing them.

The water supply line connecting the new Richmond-Bunbury Water Treatment Plant to the city’s main water system was shut down by the city on Monday due to a leak.

Water main contractor The City of Virginia Beach said in a statement that there was an issue with a water supply tank, and the water tank was leaking.

“We are working with the City to address the issue and ensure the water supply is fully protected,” the city said.

The City of Victoria has a similar issue, the City said.

“The city has temporarily shut down water supplies to residents, businesses, and residents who use water for their personal needs, such as showering, bathing and laundry.

The water service remains off.”

City officials said the leak appeared to have been caused by a corrosion on the water main, but did not elaborate on what that could be.

A spokesperson for the Richmond Water Department said that a number of hoses were leaking and they were replacing them with new ones.

“There is a leak in the main line at the Bunbury Water Facility,” the spokesperson said.

“This issue has been identified and we are working to repair it as soon as possible.

The city is asking residents to replace any hose that may have leaked.””

Residents are asked to contact the City Water Department at 888-522-8481 or email [email protected] for more information.”

Richmond’s main line is expected to be repaired by the end of the week, with the city expected to have more water in the system by the time that repairs are complete.