Don’t drink your water: Water filter supplies in Fiji

Fiji has issued an emergency order for the entire country’s water supply to be turned off and filtered by a new, self-contained water filter.

The country is experiencing severe drought and has had its water supplies turned off in the past week.

Fijian water companies are scrambling to comply with the order, but some have said that some people will have to drink their water while others are drinking bottled water.

The Associated Press reported that many in the country’s communities are not able to flush toilets because they have not been properly equipped.

Water filters are being provided to help people drink their own water and get out of their homes.

Fiji’s emergency order comes as the country is in the middle of an ongoing water crisis, with more than one million people now without safe drinking water.

Water shortages have left the country in the midst of its worst drought in living memory.

More than 7 million people are without access to clean drinking water, according to the United Nations.

The nation’s governor, Vasa Wani, said the country had been suffering a water shortage for two years.

Wani said that the government would soon begin a nationwide clean-up campaign to help restore water supplies.

“We are taking immediate steps to meet the emergency order,” Wani told the AP.

“The government has made clear that there will be no new supplies in the future.”

He said Fiji will begin to distribute bottled water to those in need of it.

The AP reported that Fiji is one of the first countries in the world to use a self-isolating water filter, as it’s designed to filter water to the point of safety.

In addition to water filters, Fiji has also launched a self.isolating filter for tap water, and has also built a self,isolating supply line for drinking water for some people.

Water companies in Fiji say they are working with authorities to supply the country with bottled water and other supplies.