How to get water to your dog and cats

The Irish Water Supply and Supply Chain Authority (IWSTA) says it is working to help pet owners get their water to their dogs and cats in a way that does not compromise on the quality of their drinking water.

The authority says it has received numerous complaints from pet owners who say their drinking supply is affected by the amount of water they use.

It says that as a result of the water shortage, many owners have started watering their dogs with distilled water instead of regular tap water and some have switched to using the water from a different source, such as a cow urine or sewage treatment plant.IWSPA is currently working with the Irish Water Management Agency (IWMMA) to ensure the water supply of the area remains in place, while also working with pet owners to ensure they can still drink water from their own tap water, according to a statement from the authority. 

“The Irish Water supply is currently experiencing water shortage in parts of the region and is currently seeking advice from the IWMMA on how it can be made available,” the statement said.

“It is essential that this is not compromised on the health and wellbeing of animals in the area, and we are working with Irish Water to ensure that water is provided to pet owners that are in a position to ensure their animals are water-tight.”IWSD said that as part of the ongoing water crisis, it has been working with its contractors to provide drinking water to customers and has also been working to make sure that there is a supply of drinking water available to pet households, with additional water sources planned.

“There is currently a shortage of drinking supplies available to households and that is impacting on the wellbeing of pet owners,” said a spokesperson for the authority, who declined to be named.

“The authority has taken action to ensure water is available to all householders who are in need of water, while still ensuring a safe and secure supply to pets.”

This is a situation where it is imperative that the water is not impacted by the water crisis in the community.”‘

It’s not about saving money’The authority said it has also offered its pet owners a water filter, and that the agency has also put together a water supply card to help people in need.

It added that it has since received more than 50 complaints and received more complaints than usual in the past week.”IWSWA has been in contact with some of the owners of the affected homes and they have agreed to provide a water filtration kit to ensure we are meeting the needs of all affected families,” said the spokesperson.”

As well as providing drinking water, we will be distributing bottled water and other supplies to people in distress.

“Read more: ‘I can’t get my water to my cat, she’s dying’: How to feed your cat with tap water source The spokesperson said it would be up to the local authority to decide whether to issue a water card to pet owner owners who want to be able to supply their own water.”

I’ve had to change my routine’IWSB is currently looking at the use of other drinking water sources to provide its customers with water, the spokesperson added.””

I know that this can be a difficult decision for some pet owners, but I know that we all have a responsibility to ensure our pets are being fed in a safe manner, and if they need help with their health, we are there for them.”‘

I’ve had to change my routine’IWSB is currently looking at the use of other drinking water sources to provide its customers with water, the spokesperson added.

“We are in the process of assessing the water available for the area and will be working with local authorities in a bid to ensure any water shortage is addressed,” he added. 

‘The water is just going to be in a bottle’A spokesperson for Irish Water said it was working to ensure pet owners have access to drinking water as soon as possible, as well as offering free water filters and bottled water.

Irish Water said the issue of water shortages in the region has been brought to its attention after the council of the village of Fermanagh and South Tyrone, which is located in the central region, decided to reduce the amount that its residents can use.

“In the past 24 hours, the IWSWAA has received over 300 complaints, most of which are relating to water supply issues in Fermanaghat and South Trine,” the spokesperson said.

“We have also received information that there has been a water shortage for the Fermanan area in the south of the county, which means that it is important that all residents are given water as quickly as possible.”

If you have any questions regarding water supply or water supply cards, please contact our water service team on 0800 536 634.