What’s going on in Pompeii, Calif.?

The water supply for the Pompeiii Water Supply System in California is running at an average of 60% of capacity, with no major disruptions, according to a new report.

The system is one of two in the country that has a water-quality problem.

The other is the San Diego Water and Power Authority, which has had some problems with the water.

The San Diego water agency reported on Monday that it has used more water than it needs during the past week, as well as on Friday and Saturday.

The agency says it will need to cut back its water use by 1% for the next two days.

The water is being pumped from the Pismo Beach reservoir.

The water supply system is in the middle of an expansion of the system to make room for additional water from the San Joaquin River.

The city is using a different water source.

The city says it has also used a different treatment system.

The new report says the system has been at 50% capacity since February but is at 90% capacity today.

The Pompeilian report says that the city is getting water from four sources.

One is a distribution system.

The second is the city’s municipal water supply.

The third is the Pacific Water District.

The fourth source is from the Los Angeles Basin, which is about 60 miles (100 kilometers) from the water system.

California has experienced an average daily rate of over 80,000 acre-feet (3.4 million cubic meters) of rain over the past three years.

The state has experienced its highest average annual precipitation rate in more than 100 years.

The Pismo Water Authority has experienced two days of low-pressure system conditions in recent weeks.

The department says it is concerned about the water quality in the Pomona River.

In a statement, the city said it is continuing to monitor the situation and will work with the state water agency to provide more water if needed.