Why did the government shut off water in Arizona?

The government shut down water in some parts of the state after a fire swept through a reservoir.

The state’s water district said it received a notification from the Arizona Department of Water Resources and Utilities, or ADWU, on Wednesday that it was shutting off water to Arizona’s five million residents and businesses.

The agency said the shutdown would affect water supplies to about 7.3 million people, including about 1.6 million in Phoenix.

The agency said water was shut off to homes, businesses and residential and commercial customers for “several days.”

“We understand this is an emergency, and we are grateful that the state of Arizona has acted quickly to protect Arizona’s residents and our communities from the potential impacts of the fire,” said ADWUs water district spokesman Steve Larkin in a statement.

“We understand that these disruptions have impacted our customers’ ability to get to work, to eat and to bathe, but this is a natural disaster that is unfolding in our community.”

Arizona Gov.

Doug Ducey (R) said in a press conference Wednesday that his administration was trying to figure out what to do to ensure the state had enough water.

The Arizona Department Of Water Resources has been ordered to provide water to all affected customers by Thursday, but it is not expected to provide all of the water the state needs.

Arizona’s natural resources department also said it was reviewing the response to the blaze, which destroyed homes, a hotel and a golf course.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.