Water supply to Boston’s Water Tower and Boston Aquarium could be shut down due to Zika threat

Water is expected to be shut off to Boston Water and the Boston Aquatic Center this weekend due to the Zika virus, according to officials at the two water supply companies.

Water is scheduled to be delivered Monday to the Boston Water Supply and the Water Tower at 2 p.m. and to the Aquatic Centre at 10 a.m., according to the company’s website.

The companies are also suspending deliveries to both locations until further notice.

Water will be delivered to the Water Towers and Boston Water on Monday, and to Boston Aquatics on Tuesday.

The Boston Aquarius and Boston Harbor Water Supply are also taking precautionary measures and will continue to operate in accordance with local and state regulations, according the company.

The affected Boston Water reservoirs will be closed on Tuesday for precautionary purposes and will be restored on Thursday, the company said.

Officials at the Water Department have notified local residents and businesses of the closure, according a statement from Mayor Marty Walsh.

“The water supply to our residents and business owners is essential to our continued operations, as well as to our ongoing efforts to keep our city safe and healthy,” the statement said.

The shutoffs come a week after the first cases of Zika have been confirmed in Massachusetts.

Health officials say the first case of the virus in the United States has been found in a man who traveled to Cuba in March.

On March 8, Massachusetts Gov.

Charlie Baker ordered a ban on travel to the United State from seven countries and temporarily suspended the state’s travel ban.

The new virus has prompted state officials to impose a travel ban on residents of the affected countries.

It is also affecting the distribution of bottled water, which is critical to the city’s water supply.

On Monday, the Boston Globe reported that Boston Water has been experiencing disruptions to the supply because of the lack of water.