‘I want to thank the state of Indiana for their hard work and their help’: Gov. Mike Pence

Pence has received praise from Gov.

John Kasich and Vice President Mike Pence in his address Tuesday to the Indiana statehouse, praising the state’s efforts to provide critical supplies for farmers.

The governor, in an address to a state delegation that included some of the state leaders from the Trump administration, urged lawmakers to focus on making Indiana the best place to grow, manage and consume water, and the state has done just that, he said.

The governor noted that Indiana has been “the epicenter of the most significant drought in the United States for over 40 years,” the state, which was one of only four states to see its water supply shut down during the 2016-2017 drought.

“And for that, we owe you an unending debt of gratitude,” Pence said.

Kasich, in a statement issued after the speech, called Pence’s remarks “an example of leadership and leadership at its best.”

“We need to be ready for any emergency.

But in this case, we have an opportunity to move ahead together, to take back the state from a state that has given up on this state,” he said in the statement.

Kushner, who was at the podium, said he and Pence talked for hours after Pence’s address.

“It was a great speech,” he told reporters after the meeting.

“He said he was sorry for the drought,” Kasich said of the governor’s remarks.

“He said, ‘This is our job.

We need to move forward and get our drought under control.'”

Kasikos office said the two discussed “emergency drought relief measures” and that they agreed to take steps to increase the water quality of the Midwest, which Kasich said is among the most precious supplies in the state.

In the address, Pence called on lawmakers to support the Trump Administration’s plan to restore federal water and energy funding to states, saying that it would “take a tremendous amount of leadership, cooperation and sacrifice” to do so.

Pence also said the president was working to make Indiana “a water-first state.”

“Indiana has had an incredible drought for decades, and it’s not because of a drought, it’s because of an over-reliance on water,” Pence told the Indiana delegation.

“I am grateful that Governor Pence has been there to talk to us.

I am thankful for the leadership of Gov.

It is the work and the duty of this Republican governor and this administration.””

This drought is not the work of the last Republican governor, or of this administration, or the next.

It is the work and the duty of this Republican governor and this administration.”

Kasigos office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The White House did not respond to CNN’s request for a comment.