When does a water supply fail?

Shirley Water Supply in Boulder, Colorado, is the only major water supplier in the state to have been hit by a massive snowfall.

In the last few days, the company’s water supply has been shut down, but the situation has not gone away.

On Wednesday, Shira said that it was taking a few days to get back on the water supply.

But as of Wednesday afternoon, the water was back on, and Shira was able to deliver water to about 3,500 customers.

Shira also said that their emergency backup water supplies are ready, and that they are running again soon.

“We’ve got backup water.

We’ve got it ready to go.

We have it ready for people who have lost water, but also for those people who are still relying on it,” Shira Water Supply CEO Mike Miller told ABC News.

“We’re still having some issues with customers that haven’t had their water delivered.”

Miller said that the company is also expecting to have another supply on standby, but that it is currently unclear when that will be available.

Miller said that while the company has had some problems with water deliveries over the last couple of days, it is now looking forward to getting back to normal operations and being able to provide a more regular service to its customers.

“Right now we’re in a very good spot.

It’s really just being worked through.

The customers are very much focused on getting their water back and getting it delivered to them as soon as possible,” Miller said.

Miller also said the company did not expect any further problems with its supply.

“Our emergency backup supply is still on standby and ready to deliver to customers.

We are still working through the issue of the water coming back and how it should be delivered to customers and what needs to be done to resolve the problem,” Miller added.

The water shortage has caused some hardship for people in Boulder.

On Tuesday, residents in the area began to receive water deliveries from the city, but some residents have since received water from a different water company.

According to Shira, those customers were able to get water for free, but not from the water company itself.

The problem, Shirly said, is that the city of Boulder does not have enough backup water to meet demand.

“The city of Colorado is actually having a very difficult time meeting the demand,” Miller told CNN.

“If you look at the demand, it’s not in excess of what they’re able to meet.

So we’re going to have to do a little bit of an adjustment and we’re hoping to get some additional water in that coming days.

We just want to get the city to a point where they can do a better job.”ABC News’ Ben DeFede contributed to this report.