How to install a water closet into your new home

Water closets are an important part of the home, and many people like to have a place to stash their bottles, utensils and other supplies.

However, if you’ve got an apartment, it’s important to remember that if you’re living in a condominium, there’s a possibility of condensation getting into your pipes.

Here are some tips for installing a water closets into your newly built home.


Use a double wall to keep condensation out.

If you have an apartment and want to store all your supplies inside, double the wall of your apartment to allow condensation to flow out.

Then, add a second floor or balcony to your unit so you can pour the water out onto the street and not directly into your apartment.


Buy a larger closet.

The larger the closet you buy, the more space it will allow.

If your closet is big, it will likely have to accommodate the extra space.


Buy an outside shower head.

You may not need a shower head to dry clothes, but if you have a large apartment with a lot of closet space, you may want to invest in an outside bathroom.

This is especially important if you live in an apartment with only one bathroom.


Keep water pressure in check.

You want to be able to keep your water pressure at a steady level even if your closet has condensation in it.

If it’s too low, you might need to add more water pressure.

For more tips on how to manage condensation, check out Condensation Management 101.